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John Hancock

American Patriot John Hancock could have displayed his legs in ACTIVSKIN if he weren't two centuries too early! (portrait by John Singleton Copley, 1765, Boston Museum of Fine Art)


Why Wear Activskin®?

While Activskin men's tights, men's panty hose or mantyhose, and men's stockings are engineered to feel good and look good, they also provide a number of additional benefits. Click on any of the links below for more information and suggestions on which styles fit that reason for wearing.

Comfort and Fashion - Activskin legwear is easy to wear, feels great as it massages and compresses the legs, and looks great, too.

Leg Health and Circulation - Activskin legwear provides compression on the legs, increasing blood flow, energizing muscles, and reducing the risk of circulation problems. It also keeps feet dry and reduces foot odor and fungus.

Thermal Insulation - Activskin legwear provides a layer of warmth in cool weather, which can keep you comfortable and protected from wind. It's perfect for extending the wearing season for shorts, too. Under trousers, it's not too hot to wear indoors, so unlike thermal underwear, you won't have to take it off inside.

Work Benefits - Activskin's compression is great for providing stamina to guys who stand or sit in their jobs all day, its thermal insulation will keep you warm and comfortable if you have to go outdoors occasionally, and if you wear wool pants, it will provide protection from itching.

Sports Performance - No matter what sport you like, Activskin will help you perform better. It will keep your muscles warm when you start out and won't be too warm when you're warmed up. Unlike heavy spandex tights, Activskin is much lighter weight, like hosiery. It's even great for spectator sports!

Leisure Time Enjoyment - Activskin's mild compression and warmth will give you the energy you need to enjoy just about any leisure time activity you do. Wear it comfortably all day long.

Anti-Chafing - Activskin protects your skin from chaffing on your feet and in your crotch and thighs. If you hike, it can act as a barrier to keep the friction between the fabric and outer socks,preventing blisters!

Protective Barrier - Activskin protects your lower body from ticks and large insects, and from poison ivy and oak (with caution in handling it afterward).