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style569-waisthigh-lg.jpgActivskin mantyhose provides varying degrees of muscle compression, which aids circulation in the surface veins of your legs. Varicose veins or "spider veins" can occur when circulation in these vessels breaks down. Unaware of Activskin, many doctors prescribe medical compression hosiery for their male patients, Unlike medical hose, Activskin legwear isn't as tight, hot, itchy, or expensive, and it is much easier to get on. You'll actually LIKE wearing Activskin! Ask your physician if men’s full support legwear is right for you.


Disclaimer: Because Activskin legwear is not a medical product, customers at risk should wear them only under the direction of a competent physician. G. Lieberman & Sons, Ltd. makes no claim that a customer’s health condition will improve by wearing its products, nor do we assume any liability for health problems that might ensue as a result of wearing our products.