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Sports Performance

In most sports the biggest advantages of Activskin is leg compression and warmth without bulk. Anti-chafing is also a good reason for some sports activity. In many sports the biggest advantage of all is that you'll be warm and comfortable at the beginning of your workout, and not too hot once you're warmed up. A great many men love the convenience of our thigh high nylon stockings - they keep your legs warm but can be easily removed without having to take off your shorts if you get too warm. For suggestions on our most popular styles for sports, click here.



Activskin Thermofabric™ mantyhose keeps your legs on the leading edge, downhill or cross country. Your lower body stays warm and energized. Perspiration wicks away because the nylon and spandex fabric doesn’t absorb moisture. Many ski enthusiasts claim Activskin is as good as polypropylene ski tights! Try it yourself and see.

"Your tights for men are perfect for me. Besides the great fit and comfort provided by the extremely stretchy material, I love how it energizes my leg muscles, right from the start. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

John G., Salt Lake City, UT



Runners all over the world are discovering the many benefits of Activskin mantyhose. It’s lightweight, durable and modestly priced. Whether running is a hobby or a competitive sport, you'll find Activskin an irreplaceable companion. It will keep your muscles warm at the beginning of your run, won’t get too hot, and especially won’t absorb moisture which can make your feet cold and clammy. Don’t confuse Activskin with conventional spandex tights. They’re much lighter, like the fabric in women’s tights and panty hose.

"I often go running in Activskin. Houston weather is obviously too hot and humid in the summer months, but once the temperature gets down into the low 70s or less, the lightweight styles are perfect – they provide support and yet don't cause me to feel any hotter than I would be not wearing them. They also reduce friction in my shoes between my feet and socks, and thus prevent the formation of blisters. The Thermofabric Styles A869 and A879 [the current styles are A866 and A876 - ed.] are excellent for when it's too warm for thicker spandex running tights but too cool for bare legs."

Mike W., Houston, TX



Energize your legs while riding with revolutionary Activskin tights. Ideal for both racers and casual riders, Activskin improves your cycling performance in marginal weather and good weather alike. Unlike conventional bicycle tights, Activskin is thin and breathes much better. It looks great too, and may be worn under shorts as well as cold weather gear for an extra layer of protection. They’re bike tights at their finest!

"I love the convenience of your three-quarter (thigh high) legwear under shorts in cool weather. When I start my ride my muscles stay warm and get loose right away. Within minutes I’m performing my best. If the sun comes out and I get too warm, they’re easy to remove without taking off my shorts. What a great product concept in cycling tights! Thanks!"

Dean P., Chicago, IL



Try Activskin on the golf course. Improved circulation energizes your legs and helps you go the extra mile with your game. Whether you ride or walk the course, these mild compression hose will keep you going for hours, and the extra layer of insulation will keep your muscles warm on a cool day.

"With all the bending, stooping, and kneeling, my legs get pretty achy from even a casual game, not to mention a tournament. Activskin has really helped me. This is the best thing to come along in golf apparel in a long time. My cap is off to you!"

Dale G., Norman, OK


Activskin helps retain body heat in cold conditions. It also improves circulation, reduces fatigue, helps you run faster and play better.

"I love football. I hate being cold. Activskin Thermofabric gives me a thin but effective layer of insulation that keeps me warm and energized. And it is a lot more cost effective than Under Armor. As a high school student on a limited budget, I appreciate that! I love football and I love being warm enough to enjoy playing it. Great football tights, guys!"

Brian L., Canton, OH (not far from the Hall of Fame)

Ice Hockey

In a fast paced game like hockey, it definitely pays to stay a few strides ahead. Activskin is engineered to power your legs with increased circulation, reducing fatigue and discomfort. Its unique climate control properties help retain body heat even while perspiring.

"Hockey is my passion but stamina isn’t my strength. Activskin has elevated my level of performance, allowing me to excel, where before I had been only a marginal and frustrated player. Thank you for making outstanding hockey tights!"

James R., Madison, WI


Activskin is engineered to keep you warm, protect your legs from the cold, and shields them from foreign elements and rashes. It energizes your legs, reduces pain and swelling, and increases comfort. In short, it makes ideal lacrosse tights.

"In this rough-and-tumble game, my legs were always black and blue after a game. Activskin provides a level of protection from abrasion, insulation from the cold, and compression for extra energy and endurance. What a great idea!"

Larry N., Coshocton, OH

Hiking and Camping



Activskin legwear is perfect for hiking and camping. On the trail, it will provide warmth without getting too warm, compression to energize your legs for tough climbs uphill, and protection from blisters and irritation. In camp they are perfect for staying warm, ideal for inside a sleeping bag to keep the bag cleaner longer, and amazing for keeping off ticks!

"Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I climbed Mt Fuji yesterday and today. Physically, it was the most challenging thing I have ever done, but your Activskins were on my legs at all times. At the lower altitudes I just wore them with shorts. At higher altitudes, I had to put on thick pants over them, but in the lodge at night around the fire they were perfect. Take care!"

Robert R., San Francisco, CA

Spectator – Any Sport

Sitting for hours in the heat or cold can be anywhere from just tiring to unbearably painful. Compression hosiery can help.

"At the Canada Open Tennis matches I was a spectator the whole day. The temperature was 28°C (84°F), but the sun was blazing. I was unaware of wearing your Activskin sheer pantyhose for men unless I specifically thought about them. They were thoroughly comfortable for a spectator sport. Again my legs felt wonderful throughout the long day and evening."

M.L., Toronto, ON