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Testimonials - Old

All of the following testimonials are from actual unsolicited correspondence and are here reprinted with each writer's permission.



HI! I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how SUPERB your support hose is! Not only do they give me support all day at work, they also are FANTASTIC as long underwear. In this abominable cold we've been experiencing, they keep me warm enough so I can get from my car to the plant entrance a little less than an 1/8 mile without freezing! Yes, I put on a pair of boxers and wool socks for extra insulation; however, I will always make sure to have pairs of YOUR support hose on hand for winter. I am also a runner and like them for running in cooler weather. Your faithful customer,

David R., Parma Heights, OH

I'm a 61 year-old fellow who wants to share my experience with your products. When I was working in the Washington, DC area, I stocked up on a variety of styles of Activskin Pantyhose. They worked great for keeping my legs warm while outside during the winter, even during the blizzards of 2009-2010. (I left my car at my permanent home in California.) I was not overheated when I was inside public transit or buildings, which tend to be maintained on the warm side there. :-( I also wear the pantyhose while I fly across country. Since I keep my legs shaved smooth, I do not have problems with hairs catching in the pantyhose. In April, 2012 I returned to California after my employment ended there. My Activskin products were not being used. I noted your newsletter recommendation a few months back to try them if I have "restless leg" while sleeping. My wife, who is a light sleeper, noted that my legs move like I'm trying to run while I sleep sometimes. ( I have been a long-distance runner since 1969.) So, I decided to take some of my Activskin Pantyhose out of storage and test them for use while I'm sleeping. My wife reports that they have significantly reduced my leg movements while sleeping. I have become very accustomed to wearing the pantyhose while I sleep, especially the "hi-glide" styles such as A577.

Gene N., San Luis Obispo, CA

The 5 pairs of A866's [Full support footed tights] arrived in good order. I couldn't wait to try on a new pair as the ones I've been wearing, I have had a long time. When slipping the new ones on, I noticed that they were a bit tighter than previous pairs around the waist, but, the fit was perfect. I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but even the fly seems to be located a little lower and thus in the exact right place. This may have had something to do with the overall improvements to the waist area. I guess these differences are due to overall improvement of the product/s. [You are correct. - Ed.] The comfort is outstanding and I'm well pleased. Thank you to all at GLS.

Ray M., Invercargill, New Zealand

Years ago a bought 2 pairs of your Comfilon thigh high opague stockings in white and black. And I must say they are really great and very durable. I'm still wearing them. I have had to darn the toes a few times. And they do darn very well and the stitching holds to the fabric well. If they ever give out I'll be knocking.

Bill L., Skowhegan, ME

I have purchased your pantyhose and tights from the very beginning and have always been very happy with the products, service and price. Your support pantyhose have been very beneficial in helping provide support after a sclerotherapy procedure, and I wear them anytime I get on the treadmill or bicycle. I have always enjoyed wearing pantyhose and my wife has always been supportive. My wife even prefers some styles of your tights and nylons over some of the womens brands, therefore I will often order for both her and me. Keep up the great work and I look forward to buying more of your hosiery in the future.

Bill B., Temple City, CA

Yesterday I received my order. Thank you. Your sheer pantyhose A599 is so comfortable and just fits me, I'm very satisfied with it. The advertisement on your website "Once you put these on, the word ?unbelievable!? will come to mind, and you just won?t want to take them off!" is right. And your product is so strong and doesn't run, if the size is chosen right. Unfortunately there is hardly any pantyhose for men in Japan. Only one Japanese maker makes 2 [styles of] tights for men (80den and 50den). They make me warm but are relatively thick. Pantyhose for Japanese women are too small for me and most men. I hope that your products become well known in the Japanese market. Thanks a lot.

M.Y., Tokyo, Japan

I just received my shipment of your A677 and A2019 pantyhose yesterday! Not only was the delivery quick, it was VERY quick! I did the proper washing and drying as per the package and I had to try out the A677's. WOW!!!! I cannot describe how fantastic they felt! Throughout the day, they kept my legs warm outside (since it was cold and I had pants on) and when the family and I went out on a long errand, while the family were complaining about sore legs, I was ready for another mile! Most of all, the comfort panel/fly is well worth the money I paid for these. Considering that I put my legs through hell everyday at the phone company. I climb ladders, up and down telephone poles, on my feet walking in various terrain in steel toed boots, and I'm a drummer that used both legs on the bass drums, these pantyhose are a dream! You now have a loyal customer for life and I just ordered my 2nd batch of A677s and your black tights. Thank you for such wonderful service!

Rob S., Richmond, VA

I want to thank you for continuing to produce high quality innovative products and providing excellent service. I really enjoy wearing your A308 Microfabric Sheer Bodystocking for Men. The fit and construction are excellent and I am planning to purchase more in the near future. All of the products that I have purchased from Comfilon/Activskin have been superior quality. I really appreciate how quickly my online orders have been processed without error. Smooth transactions are a pleasure and your products are the best. Kudos to Comfilon/Activskin.

Larry H., Santa Rosa, CA

I travel all the time for work and I've been complimented many times on my hose when going shoeless through security or on planes, and have been asked by women (who tend to notice such things) where they can get them for their spouse/significant other. I give them your website, of course. Let me know if you ever need someone to help endorse actual use of your products. "I'm a fan" as they say. Keep up the good work!

John G., San Francisco, CA

I have enjoyed wearing Activskin products for over 7 years, my entire history of wearing legwear! Not only are the products superior to most everything else on the market, the customer service is superb (the customer is ALWAYS right at, and the benefits to the physical AND mental well-being of its customers are an unexpected bonus. Read just a sample of these testimonials, and you will see what I mean. The staff are not only devoted to selling a great product, but they are directly involved in a "ministry" to guys who need a psychological boost to accept the fact that it is OK for guys to wear nylon legwear for health, comfort, and fashion!

Mickey S., Missoula, MT

 I just purchased a pair of your Thermofabric™ tights with fly. I had to write because I have been wearing women's tights mostly and the major problem was the fit and not having a fly. I am a tattoo artist and I like being warm enough but not too warm. I detest the bunching up of the regular long johns. I am wearing your tights now under my jeans and they are so comfortable and non-binding under the pants. The shipping was faster than fast, I ordered Monday and had them Wednesday!! I will be a loyal customer, as I need these in the shop and they will be great as a base layer when snowboarding and cycling! Also my wife is going to get some as she cant find women's that fit well - she has a 35" inseam. Thank you so much for the great service and fantastic product! Sincerely,

Gregory M., Woodland Park, CO

I have been been waking up at night with severe leg cramps causing me to jump out of bed to walk off the cramps. My lower legs were always cold and I wore my bike tights with knee-high stockings that provided some improvement. I searched the Internet to check on various types of leggings, and thankfully I came across the website. I learned a lot after reading the testimonies and decided to place my first order of A577 Microfabric™ medium support, Hi-glide™ pantyhose. Although my wife commented that they looked like women's pantyhose, she fully understands the health benefits. I first slept with my new A577's under my bike tights but discovered the combination to be too warm. I then slept with the A577's alone. I'm now sleeping through the night and haven't had leg cramps as before. The pantyhose provide warmth and comfort beyond my expectations. My next order will be for the A560 sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose.

James B., Enfield, CT

I received the socks/footsies and wore a pair of the A83 Thermofabric™ Foot Covers with my Vans slip-ons yesterday in the extreme Australian summer heat. No ugly "sock look" - only the cool "barefoot look" with the comfort of sweat absorption. They are awesome. Thanks heaps,

Dave V., Australia

I want to thank you again for recommending the A560s to me. The compression is great for the long hours I put in everyday in the work truck, helping very well with the varicose veins. I even am able to work the long hours, come home and help my wife with some chores at home, and play with the kids a bit before bedtime. The quality is definitely outstanding. Our big dog jumped on me by surprise the other day and scratched my leg. I thought for sure that pair was ripped, and to my astonishment I had a big red scratch on my leg but not a tear, hole, or even a mark in that pair of A560s. OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thanks again.

Kraig W., Chisholm, MN




I just want to say thank you, You customer service is exceptional. It's what I would call good old fashion American made quality care. Your product is better than the descriptions on the web site. You see, I'm 36 years old and between 4 1/2 yrs in the military and working in construction my body has taken a serious beating, especially my legs. Now I have circulation problems and varicose veins in my legs. For about the last 5 years I have been wearing women's support nylons for some help with the problems, but yesterday was my first day of wearing your product to work, and my legs felt great. As a project manager for a construction company, I'm on my feet all day. Instead of my legs starting to hurt around 11 am, I didn't start to notice any discomfort until almost 4:00 pm. Today was just like yesterday - I didn't feel or notice any discomfort until really late in my day. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful and high quality men's support legwear.


Michael L., Kissimmee, FL


I would like to express to you how thrilled I was to find a company that manufactures tights and pantyhose just for men. I have have been wearing tights and leggings now for 40 years! I was so tired of having to go to the woman's hosiery section and ending up with tights and pantyhose that are absolute "crotch crushers" for men, not to mention that they developed huge runs after 1 or 2 wearings. That gets expensive very quickly. I also just got taken in by an E-bay fraud who was buying real cheap woman's pantyhose and then putting his own sticker on them saying "man tights" I am so pleased with your products and the ultra comfort and selection that I just placed a second large order to-day. I hope to be enjoying these products for a long time to come.


Terry N., Whitby, ON, Canada

Recently I purchased two pair of the A2100 Thermofabric Patterned Support Socks in black. I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never worn such a garment before. My regular men's socks only came up to mid-calf and always slid down. Well, not only did the socks stay up, they feel fantastic. Now I wear them anytime I know I'm going to be doing more than an average amount of walking in a day because my legs do not end up feeling as tired as they usually do when I wear regular socks. I really, really like them and will be purchasing more in the future. I've received nothing but stellar customer service from your company and will be recommending you to friends. I even show my socks to friends who put down "mantyhose" and say, "Try them. Then tell me they're silly."

Jeffrey H., Redmond, WA

I just want to give you a testimonial about what your legwear has done for me since I started wearing the A577 and A2019 styles in September, 2008. I am a barber, standing on my feet many hours a day, five days a week, with much leg strain by day's end. I was told by my doctor that the brown discoloring (I'm Caucasian) around my lower legs was from the small blood vessels in my skin rupturing, and that I had to put up with it. I found out about your legwear on the Internet and ordered the above styles from your Ebay site. With my wife's blessings (and a hearty laugh), I started wearing them to work everyday. One day recently while getting dressed, she told me to look at my legs and didn't you know it, they are clearing up slowly, and I don't get the leg strain or tiredness that I used to. My back feels better, too. Now I pass the word about legwear for men and what it has done for me. Thank you for being there.

Danny G., Zanesville, OH

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the pantyhose I recently ordered from your site. I had some reservations in the past about ordering them (I usually wear Hanes Silk Reflections) over sizing and the higher price than I usually pay for pantyhose, but I'm really glad I finally ordered a pair. The style I got was A599, and they look and feel great! They are without a doubt the best pantyhose I have ever owned. I just wanted to say thanks for the product and let you know that you definitely have another dedicated customer here. In fact, I've already placed my second order!

Michael M., Orlando, FL

Today I received my first order of ACTIVSKIN legwear. I ordered a few different products with the intent of "testing the waters." I ordered two pairs of A1730, two pairs of A677 and a pair of Gerbe GS8 Satin 8. All I can say is WOW!!! I ride motorcycles and I am always on the hunt for quality legwear that will provide comfort and protection from the cold and the heat. After years of trial and error, a friend of mine recommended I try pantyhose. She said that they would keep my kegs warm in the winter and they were very low profile and since I was tired of wearing bulky long johns or two pairs of pants which hinder my ability to ride safely, I gave it a shot. At first I tried women's pantyhose because that's all I was aware of. While they worked fairly well, I found it very difficult to find women's pantyhose in my size because I am a big guy. I found your products during a search on the internet and boy am I glad I did. It has gotten chilly here and I was anxious to try out the pantyhose in the cold so I tried a pair of the A677's. I was very impressed with how they felt and how comfortable they are. They are definitely made for men. But now for the real test. I put on my jeans, which slid over the pantyhose with ease, put on my motorcycle safety gear and hit the road. I was amazed. No cold, good support and best of all, they felt wonderful!! I also tried the A1730's. Now I will admit, they don't work quite as well at the A677's for keeping me warm, but holy cow do they feel great! I then decided to try the Gerbe GS8's. My legs have never been happier! I don't want to take these off!!! Thank You for making such wonderful products. I WILL be placing more orders and trying other styles of your legwear.

David M., Jacksonville, FL

I have been a customer for a long time and have many different styles in my collection. They are all great and quality is perfect with no exception. A couple of months ago, I was experiencing pain in the calves of both legs to the point where I was taking prescription meds for the pain. I decided to try the hose with extra compression, thinking that standing on concrete, might be the cause, even with very comfortable shoes made for standing at work. After wearing the support hose for a few days, every day, I found that the pain was becoming less and less with each passing day. Now, the pain is gone and when I return to regular socks, the pain returns. Doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure out what helped. They also had to be black (corporate rules) and stay up all day without having to adjust them. They are perfect and do the job. Your products aren’t duplicated anywhere. You have no competition for quality or price. Thank you for no more leg pains and for good looks and comfort.

Fred R., Cincinnati, OH


Just received my order of Gerbe Satin 20 today. I was hesitant to spend more than I usually spend on a pair of pantyhose but these are absolutely incredible. Gerbe certainly has done their homework. Unbelievable fit, feel and comfort. They just melt into you. My highest compliments to Gerbe, I will definitely be buying more of these and will be trying the other styles they offer. Sincerely,

C.S., Napa, CA

I would like to praise your company. I just recently bought a pair of Microfabric™ Full Support Hi-Glide™ Men's Sheer Pantyhose A2019. What a surprise! I haven't experienced such quality and support in years. I am 38 and I have worn pantyhose since I was 12. Unfortunately, I have been a paraplegic for the past three years and as a result of sitting in my wheelchair, I often notice my legs swell. The support your hose provides really controls the swelling. I am proud to wear hose that makes me feel this good. Living in Florida I don't wear long pants too much, mostly just shorts, and I don't mind people looking at my legs in hose. I wish you the best and look forward to being a life long customer! Thanks so much.

Rob S., Orlando, FL

[Description from our web site:] "Once you put these on, the word 'unbelievable!' will come to mind, and you just won’t want to take them off! They’re THAT good...truly superb!" When I've read these words about A599 I thought it's just the usual overstatements we got used to in the advertisements. But it's true! This product is really the best I've ever met. My heart hurts in the evenings, when I must take it off. Congratulations, and thanks.

Gabriel S., Hungary

I have been ordering tights from Comfilon since 1999 shortly after they first became available online. I have always received excellent service and shipping from Comfilon and the quality has always been excellent. The 4012's are my personal favorite as they provide an excellent supportive section for my ankles and lower legs as I have poor circulation and varicose veins on my lower left leg. The 4012 tights also provide the vertical stripe design thus allowing me to wear them without socks with my khakis to work throughout the week. The brief is not too tight yet supportive enough to allow to wear without underwear. The 4012's and all of your legwear products allow the convenience having socks and underwear all in one garment. One more thing: I tried the new Style A839 tights today as they arrived during my lunch break from work. Your new microfiber tights are wonderful! Wore them under my slacks back to work and they felt great.

George T., Northeastern Tennessee

Hello, Steve. I'm a customer of yours and I have just placed an order with your company for five more pairs of your support pantyhose, which I love. Two years ago I was in pain in both of my legs. They were killing me after long hours on the job. Then I found Activskin and I feel so much better now. I can get through the day with out the pain in my legs. Keep up the great work.

Gustav G., San Marcos, CA

Here's a true story: My wife refers to legwear generically as "stockings" and commented that "stockings" were the most expensive article of women's wear because they needed frequent replacement. I suggested that if she bought and wore a higher quality product than the supermarket brands (and you know what they are) they would perform better, feel better, and last longer. She asked what your product costs and I why I bought from Activskin. I told her your stockings cost the same as "high-end" legwear but lasted longer and felt better - aside from the fact they are designed for men. To put it in context: she's a math professor, and I'm a quality assurance manager. So I ordered her some of your legwear for her, which explains the different sizes in my order. She thought that was nice of me. She has nice legs so I explained it was an investment with a great rate of return.

Michael E., Anchorage, AK [But isn't she cross dressing? - Ed.]


1937 Stocking Exhibit
National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C.
Photo by Steven Katz

As you know I have been a long time customer with you. Your product line is the best men's pantyhose I have ever encountered. Women's are cut differently and just don't fit right. Thanks much.

Jay J., Blue Bell, PA

No complaints here, just pure satisfaction. I just wanted to say that I sure wish I found your site years ago when I was busy on crime scene. As a detective and being a crime scene investigator, I was called out all hours of the day and night. And many times I wish I had legwear for men for comfort and easiness. I'm going to pass the word to my fellow officers of your great product. But I must say I do have one small problem, and that is "My Wife won't keep her hands off of them." I have to remind her, "These are for men and not for you and get your own." Again, thank you for this great product.

Patrick Q., Groves, TX

We had a bad storm come through and one of my menu boards for my drive thru coffee shop blew over. So my contractor came this morning to repair it. I helped him stand it up and move it to the side. When I did, my leg caught a corner on the bottom of the steel post. I looked down and there was a growing spot of blood on my leg and A582 hose (I'm wearing shorts as usual). I came inside and grabbed a wet paper towel and was VERY surprised as I dabbed the blood away and got it out of my hose. I expected to see a nice tear in my hose, but there was nothing; no hole, no tear, no rip; nothing! The only problem I had was trying to get my leg to stop bleeding. Just an observation, but I would say the 582's are very durable! At least more durable than my skin.

Steve P., Taylors, SC

I just wanted to say that the A2019s are awesome! They feel great, a real nice compression feel, and the way your shorts slide on them kinda gives the messaging effect; they're great for my legs that constantly hurt all the time. Then today I got the 599's in the mail. I like them for the stealth – they’re almost invisible. Also today I received the 1010's (stockings). Those seem to be fairly stealthy, too. I got all these in beige. I really like dealing with Steve and the Comfilon company, because I get all the stuff I need in a very timely basis! I just might have to get more of the "hi-glides." I really like them. I wore them for the first time in public and didn't get any looks or anything. Besides, who cares? I'm tired of my legs hurting and aching from my job.

Rob M., SW Michigan

My summer hobby [cricket umpire] involves standing in the sun for up to five hours adjudicating. Wearing traditional undergarments under my uniform I have suffered chafing, hot feet and tired heavy legs. This year I thought, “I am going to wear the good old reliable 569s...” Well, the crowning glory was Saturday - 95 degrees in the shade, five hours in the sun. At the end of the day my feet were dry, my legs weren’t aching and there was not an itch to be felt. Normally I would have to go for a two kilometre walk (bow legged) to get the knots out of my calves – totally unnecessary. I felt great – save for a headache, a sunburnt nose and tired eyes...I cannot recommend the product highly enough and would urge any person in similar circumstances to get on board the COMFILON range. These products, the 569s in particular, are a godsend and are now an integral part of my uniform.

Graeme L., Melbourne, Australia
["Good on ya, mate!" - Ed.]


"The Tragic Actor"
(Rouviere as Hamlet)

Oil on Canvas, 1866
Edouard Manet (1832-1883)
National Gallery of Art
Washington, D.C.
Photo by Steven Katz

Today as my wife and I were dressing for a wedding we were attending, my wife got a run in her hose. She knows that I truly enjoy your products' quality and overall feel, so I jokingly suggested she try a pair of mine [A1760 sheer-to-the-waist medium support legwear in tan], since I had just recently received my order from you. To make a long story short, she did. One of her chief complaints of woman's hosiery is that after wearing them for a while, her toes begin to feel compressed by the material to the point of discomfort, and that often the hose seem to run or otherwise be ruined quit easily. Once she had mine on, she laughed and said she was surprised at how nice they felt sliding on. She wore them all day, which was full of dancing and other activities as you might imagine with a wedding and reception. When we got home, she was even more surprised to find that her toes felt absolutely no discomfort, and that despite our size difference, they did not sag or bag down her legs and in fact had stayed up very nicely. She also said they felt quite strong, and she didn't think that these hose would end up running or otherwise being damaged nearly as easily as her usual brand. All this and they still made her legs look wonderful. She informed me that I wasn't getting that pair back! In the future, we will be doubling our orders! LOL Thank you for a truly fine product.

Richard H., Hamilton, OH

My order arrived today. Thanks again for the great service. I might add that a great number of internet shopping sites could learn a thing or two from your company, like using the US Postal Service, and sparing us from the mystery of "handling charges" - my pet peeve. In many cases, consumers in Alaska are not given a choice over UPS or FedEx. As an example, my legwear order may have been 3 to 4 times more if shipped UPS or FedEx. I've actually had customer service representatives from other on-line stores tell me they would have to take their merchandise to the post office, and they just couldn't do that! Again, thanks for great products and first class service.

Michael E., Anchorage, AK

I've been a Comfilon customer since 2001. Your products are a dream come true! I recently found an outstanding combination: Wearing a pair of A549s with a pair of A869/879 tights or A1009 stockings over them provides an amazing amount of insulation when wet - and I mean soaked - under heavy cotton work pants. My work takes me from the office to the field frequently but unpredictably, and my field work necessarily involves HUGE amounts of splashing and is often done in foul weather. With the possible exception of Merino wool, I have found no "long johns" with the same wet-insulation properties, and your products are much less expensive, easier to care for, dry much much faster, and are far more suitable for indoor/outdoor wear. Of course they feel nicer too, especially by day's end.

J.F., Cornwall, NY

I have to say that your A549's are THE most comfortable hose I have ever worn...I know the package says 87% nylon and 13% spandex, but what makes them so durable, soft and comfortable at the same time? If the other manufacturers followed your lead, there would be more women wearing hose these days. Just wanted to once again tell you what a great job you are doing and I sure hope that you will continue making hose long into the future.

Ernie J., Edmonton, AB


I want to take this opportunity to thank you. I am in the military and when I wear my class A uniform, the issued black socks always roll down and my boxers always roll up in the polyester trousers. I have discovered your Style A849 in black is a great alternative. I recently was tasked on a funeral detail and wore the legwear under my uniform. Throughout the entire ceremony of standing at attention and marching, I found the tights to be extremely comfortable. Moreover, I find the fly opening very convenient. I wish you had a government contract so the military would issue your tights instead of those lousy nylon socks! Thanks again for a terrific product!

K.C., California

Steve, I received my hose today. Thank you so much for them. Today I put on Style A2019: Microfabric Full Support Hi-Glide Men's Sheer Pantyhose in beige. They are very comfortable and for the first time ever I had the courage to put on a pair of shorts and go out into public. I was surprised no one even noticed I was wearing hose. I feel a lot better about wearing hose in public now that they're for men. I am so glad that your company makes hose for men and they fit this man well. Thank you so much. I will continue to buy all of my hose from you and I will recommend your web site to every guy I find who wants to wear hose. Thanks again, customer for life,

James C., Lenoir, NC

Thank you for the greatest product since we got off the gold standard! I love Activskin and I must say that wearing it has helped me with my aching legs and feet. Being a small engine mechanic, I am in and out of the shop constantly. No more putting on those big heavy overalls [to accommodate bulky long underwear]! In the summer Activskin helps me by reducing fatigue and tiredness in my legs and feet. Now I spend more time with my family and don't have to say, "Sorry, I cant play now. My legs are killing me." My wife thanks you also. Sincerely yours,

E. G., Milford, NH

Confidence is sexy, no matter what you are wearing.

Melissa M., Glens Fork, KY

I am a new customer of your products, having tried both the thigh high stockings and then the medium support pantyhose. I found your website through a search engine on the Internet, and I am glad I did! I am on my feet, or sitting a lot at work, and I have had problems with restless leg syndrome. I must say, that since I have started to wear your products, my legs feel more rested, and I have less of a problem with my legs jumping in my sleep. I find your legwear to be very comfortable, they feel great under long pants, and they actually invigorate my legs during the course of a day. You have found another loyal customer, and I will spread the word! Thank you much.

S.K., New Bedford, MA


After wearing the A1730s for a few weeks now, I am still impressed with the product. I just came back from a week's holiday in Spain, which gave me an ideal opportunity to give the A1730s a good wearing. I still find that the comfort and fit are very good, even after wearing them for long hours, plus they make legs look great and feel outstanding. The gusset was perfect for all-day comfort without underwear, a bonus for personal hygiene. For ultra sheers the durability is good - for all-day wearing, even on the beach and going for a swim they last very well and they are very cool in the heat of the sun. A very positive thing with the A1730s is that you can replace sox and underwear with complete confidence. I would have no problems wearing them even at the doctor's, hospitals or even changing rooms - that is how confident I feel about this product. You have a great product which is very masculine. They are by far the best male pantyhose on the market today. You have taken mens pantyhose to a new level. Ultra sheers are the way forward!

Carl M., United Kingdom

I give you my wholehearted thanks for your new Comfilon #1730 Microfabric Ultrasheer-to-the-Waist Pantyhose for men. To say that they are simply fantastic would be an understatement! I have now tried 2 pairs of them in the last couple of weeks, and the look, fit, comfort, and quality of them are consistently superb. When I wear them under my regular street clothes, they make my skin feel like it's being tenderly caressed by the soft nylon fabric. I've been wearing pantyhose regularly now for only a few months, and have tried various brands available through stores or on-line companies, including a few of your other models. But the 1730 is absolutely, beyond question, the best pantyhose I've worn yet. The 1730 provides me all the features I want in a pair of pantyhose. I intend to continue ordering the 1730 whenever I need more pantyhose. And your quick mailing service is also greatly appreciated, because it means I don't have to wait more than 2 days from when I place my order to receive them. Again, thanks to everyone there at G. Lieberman & Sons for the great product and service you are providing for us men in pantyhose.

Charles G., San Francisco, CA

Received my order and have to say I’m very impressed with these pantyhose [A2019]. They fit well and the beige color is great. The big test for me was the fit under the pants, which usually have a tendency to drag the pantyhose down. These really glide well under the pants. The cotton gusset is great also for fit and strength. My job requires many hours on my feet and they do wonders for my legs. I didn’t end the day with two dead legs that were swollen. They fit great. They do not bunch up behind the knee. I also like the reinforced toe and the fit of the brief. I will buy more in the future. As good as the A2019 Full Support High Glide is the A577 are even better. I tried them today and I can not believe how great these are. The fit is as if my legs were the model for these. After 15 hours in them, no tired legs and no going south. Where they went on is where they stayed.

Bill K., Ocean Springs, MS


I just wanted to let you know that I love wearing your A149 style sheer socks. They are so comfortable - all day long! And they stay up over my calves - right in place the whole day! I love the fact that they don't slide down after a while - that drives me crazy, ha! They also feel dry and cool after wearing them several hours which is great! I just placed an order for some more, with the warmer weather approaching here in Texas.

Samuel D., Stephenville, TX

My husband is the macho type, who is okay with other guys wearing tights but it's not for him, EVER (uh-huh). I bought a pair of 869 footed tights for him to try for this hunting season since he would normally wear thermals or a thin under layer. So anyhow he was heading out to hunt the other day and informed me that there were feet in this pair and asked "What's up with that?" I told him I didn't know why they had feet, they should have been footless. (Um, yeah, heh heh).  He has been wearing a bootie type sock that look very similar in fabric and opaqueness anyhow, so I asked "What is the difference?". (Its a macho thing I tell ya.) When he got back from about 8 hours of hunting he was pretty impressed with how comfortable he was the whole time and how dry his feet stayed. His feet are NEVER dry, wearing boots to his job for 16 hours a day and he has had some real foot issues. So he is going to try the tights with his work boots next. Now if he could just get all of his work buddies to try them too....



Karen R., Jamestown, NY

Received the order on Monday. Washed them last night and wore Tuesday. My old cotton long underwear is history - too hot indoors, not warm enough outdoors. Activskin isn't bulky and feels great. I've lived in Alaska 24 winters and this might be the most comfortable alternative to "long-johns." I'm impressed. I will order more before long. Thanks.

Mike E., Anchorage, AK

I have to tell you, I recently bought several pairs of your A549 for myself. I LOVE THEM!!!!! I am on active duty in the Navy and spend many hours on my feet here in the office and when out on the job. I wear both the A569 and A549, in two colors, and even have a pair of off-black with the reinforced toe if needed for dress wear. You have done an incredible job in bringing this garment to the male clothing arena, and it should be more widely accepted by all aspects of our culture. I applaud you on your fine product and look forward to continuing future use of this great leg wear.

Eric H., U.S. Navy


Thank you for being so innovative in daytime wear that is designed for men. I am pleased that you have in fact identified a male need/requirement...I work retail and am on my feet for long periods of time and need the support your products offer. These [hose] helped my legs and back A LOT. I have said goodbye to cotton underfashions a long time ago and I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. Your new web-site is terrific. I think your new thigh highs for men are an excellent idea and will do well in the marketplace. Thanks again for offering a garment that we as men can wear for comfort, coolness, and the support our legs and backs require. Kind regards,

T. Sawyer, Atlanta, GA

I've purchased ComfiLon 569s many times before, but never in dark brown. I decided to give them a try and I am very happy with the color. They are less sheer than I thought, and appear as thin dress socks at the ankles (I don't wear with shorts out). I think they are a great alternative to thicker opaque styles if you want to appear as wearing socks, especially in the spring, summer, or fall. They are "3-season" legwear, if you will.

Eric L., Cleveland, OH

Thank you for such wonderful service and a great product!! I ordered the wrong style by mistake (it was delivered in 2 days), so I returned them with explanation. The replacement was shipped on Monday and I received that on Wednesday. I live in Florida (HOT) and the A869 tights are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my legs. They do everything you advertise and then some. On a scale of 1 to 10, this legwear is a 12!!. You have just gained a lifetime customer. Thank you again for great products and service.

Bill P., New Port Richey, FL

Dear Sirs,
I am very pleased with your legwear product, and have made another purchase. Having circulation problems with my legs and "Restless Leg Syndrome", I have had difficulty finding a product that really works. Your product has come to my rescue! Thank you very much for offering a healthy product for men, keep up the good work! Very truly,

Edward B., Kings Mountain, NC

"Steve, I thought you might be interested to hear something about my recent experience with your products. I was involved in an accident last week while riding on the back of a friend's motorcycle. Another driver ran a red light and hit us. I was thrown from the motorcycle, into the intersection and skidded several feet. At the time, I was wearing my favorite style 610s. I have injuries to my shoulder and ribs but, what's interesting, is that, below the waist, I only have a bruised knee. AND my 610s were unharmed - not a snag or a run, even after being removed (most impatiently) by emergency room personnel. LOL I believe your product offered an additional layer of protection, for which I am most grateful. After the accident, I had some muscle pain in my legs from pulled muscles so I switched to 569s for a few days. They provided welcome pain relief for both legs and I noticed an improvement in the bruising/swelling on my right leg. Less than a week later, the bruising has all but completely disappeared. Steve, thanks for your EXCELLENT products!"

Bruce W., San Francisco, CA

"I often go running in Activskin. Houston weather is obviously too hot and humid in the summer months, but once the temperature gets down into the low 70s or less, the lightweight styles are perfect – they provide support and yet don't cause me to feel any hotter than I would be not wearing them. They also reduce friction in my shoes between my feet and socks, and thus prevent the formation of blisters. The Thermofabric Styles A869 and A879 are excellent for when it's too warm for thicker spandex running tights but too cool for bare legs."

Mike W., Houston, TX

"I love the convenience of your three-quarter (thigh high) legwear under shorts in cool weather. When I start my ride my muscles stay warm and get loose right away. Within minutes I’m performing my best. If the sun comes out and I get too warm, they’re easy to remove without taking off my shorts. What a great product concept in cycling tights! Thanks!"

Dean P., Chicago, IL

"With all the bending, stooping, and kneeling, my legs get pretty achy from even a casual game [of golf], not to mention a tournament. ACTIVSKIN has really helped me. This is the best thing to come along in golf apparel in a long time. My cap is off to you!"

Dale G., Norman, OK


"I love football. I hate being cold. ACTIVSKIN Thermofabric gives me a thin but effective layer of insulation that keeps me warm and energized. And it is a lot more cost effective than Under Armour. As a high school student on a limited budget, I appreciate that! I love football and I love being warm enough to enjoy playing it. Great football tights, guys!"

Brian L., Canton, OH (not far from the Hall of Fame)

"Hockey is my passion but stamina isn’t my strength. ACTIVSKIN has elevated my level of performance, allowing me to excel, where before I had been only a marginal and frustrated player. Thank you for making outstanding hockey tights!"

James R., Madison, WI

"In this rough-and-tumble game [of Lacrosse], my legs were always black and blue after a game. ACTIVSKIN provides a level of protection from abrasion, insulation from the cold, and compression for extra energy and endurance. What a great idea!"

Larry N., Coshocton, OH

"Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I climbed Mt Fuji yesterday and today. Physically, it was the most challenging thing I have ever done, but your ACTIVSKINS were on my legs at all times. At the lower altitudes I just wore them with shorts. At higher altitudes, I had to put on thick pants over them, but in the lodge at night around the fire they were perfect. Take care!"

Robert R., San Francisco, CA

"At the Canada Open Tennis matches I was a spectator the whole day. The temperature was 28°C (84°F), but the sun was blazing. I was unaware of wearing your ACTIVSKIN sheer pantyhose for men unless I specifically thought about them. They were thoroughly comfortable for a spectator sport. Again my legs felt wonderful throughout the long day and evening."

M.L., Toronto, ON



"ACTIVSKIN was the best thing to happen to me. I was deployed to Iraq for Operation: Iraqi Freedom. While there, I wore it to protect myself from the weather and insects, especially the sand flies that carry a disease called leishmaniasis. This disease will leave boils on your skin if you become infected by it. ACTIVSKIN products were so effective as an insect barrier and they provided excellent support to my legs. This was extremely helpful because it gave me both the stamina and sand flea protection that I could not do without. The material is so comfortable that I never want to go without wearing it. Now that I’m back in the USA, I’m still happily wearing ACTIVSKIN often. What a great product!"

Jason P., El Paso, TX

"ACTIVSKIN is extremely comfortable under traditional cycling pants. I found them to do an above average job of retaining body heat but breathable enough so as not to cause a build up of sweat."

Sgt. John W., Police Bike Patrol, Philadelphia, PA

"My best friend works on the construction crew for a gas company, which can be very brutal here in the winter months, He is really "manly" and I didn't think he would like your product, (actually I was just afraid of what he would do to me if I suggested tights for men). One day he said we needed to go stock up on thermal underwear for the winter but that he has to buy bigger pants because the thermals are so bulky. I swallowed my fears and I told him that there is a company that made thin, footed tights for guys. I explained to him that they were not regular thermals and that they may include a "touch of nylon" but that they were much thinner than the wool and cotton thermals we bought last year, so he agreed.

Fast forward to today, I went to his house with ACTIVSKINS I bought for him. His reaction was just what I expected. He basically told me I was out of my mind, that he wasn't wearing women’s pantyhose. So I showed him the package that says "Tights for MEN" and also showed him the fly opening that distinguished it for the male anatomy, and I even wore my A849 tights under my jeans to show him. Anyway, I told him to try them on, and so after 20 minutes of arguing, he finally did. I heard a few moans and mumblings from the bathroom as he put them on, but guess what? He absolutely loved them! He also said that he wants to place an order so that he can have 2 or 3 backup pairs. He’s happy that he doesn’t need to buy bigger pants. He even went as far as to show his wife when she got home, and her response to him was "Wow, your legs look better than mine in tights!" LOL.

Please forgive me for rambling, I just wanted to share that story with you, and let you know that you guys are the greatest! Take Care"

Tony T., Buffalo, NY [Hey, could we make up anything this good? – Ed.]


"I was stationed overseas when I discovered ACTIVSKIN on the Internet. I ordered several pair and I have to say, they are wonderful! They feel so good on your legs. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Being in the Air Force and really not liking the wool blend of insulated underwear they give you, I was looking for something better. I found it in Activskin! I could really tell the difference when I did and did not wear it. It is truly an amazing product. Now that I’m flying for a commercial airline, I highly recommend it to every pilot. Truckers and railroad engineers, computer operators, and anyone who sits a lot would also benefit. Trust me, your legs will thank you!"

Joseph L., Seattle, WA

Just a note to let you know the legwear arrived yesterday...super service...thank you.

Also to let you know that I bought these to hopefully help in a situation with varicose veins in my left thigh as a result of 20 years of trucking. My left leg was the clutch leg and also the leg used to support my entire
weight as I would start to climb into the truck. I'm pleased to report that I put these on as soon as I received them...I was anxious to get some relief from the pain...and was I ever surprised. They worked like a charm!!

After retiring from the trucking industry I bought a small restaurant and I am on my feet about 15 hours a day. This vein area would burn like coals of fire but I can report that I had no...NO...discomfort at all after putting this
legwear on. The tight support added enough pressure to do the trick in holding these veins in.

Tickled to near death!!